Brief History of Trinity Church

This church started in 1977 in the home of Robert (Bob) E. Francis on Hafeman Road, just southwest of Orfordville, WI. The congregation came from Orfordville, Brodhead, and Beloit. God raised up three elders, one from each community, who gave oversight to the functioning of the local church.

In 1981, the church became affiliated with Ascension Fellowships International (AFI) , which is part of a worldwide Apostolic movement. At that time, the church took the name Trinity Church of Orfordville. As the church grew, additional elders and deacons were added to the church leadership team. Bob Francis was named pastor of the congregation.

The church outgrew the basement on Hafeman Road, so it moved into Orfordville. We rented part of the former bank building at the corner of Spring Street and Center Street. The church outgrew this rental site so purchased land at the south edge of Orfordville on Highway 213. The congregation built a church building at this site and moved in 1986.

In 1996, Bob Francis retired from pastoring the church. Scott Larson of Brodhead was named the next pastor of the congregation. The name of the church was changed to Harvest Community Church. Most members of the church were from Orfordville and Brodhead at this time.

In 2004, Scott Larson retired from pastoring the church. Dennis Francis became head elder of the church.

In 2014, the church sold the building at the south edge of Orfordville to the library, which now occupies the building. We moved to various store fronts in downtown Orfordville.

Currently, we are meeting at the former village hall, owned by Swartz Chiropractic, at 106 North Center Street. This is right next door to where we first met in Orfordville in the early 1980s. We have also changed our name to Trinity Church. Dennis Francis continues as head elder of the church.